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St Faith's at Rhythms of the World 2008

St Faith’s First for First Aid!

On Saturday 7th June, fourteen people gathered at St Faith’s church for a First Aid training study day.The event was arranged by St Faith’s for the Hitchin Deanery, specifically for church workers. 

The training was given by a fireman and qualified First Aid trainer for the emergency services and included the three principles of First Aid: to preserve life, to prevent deterioration and to promote recovery. Much of the morning session was spent on emergency diagnosis and how to undertake resuscitation which is the act of restoring function to the circulatory and/or respiratory systems when they have stopped. For this, we practiced rescue breathing and chest compressions (known as Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR) on dummies, [see picture].

The course was highly informative and whilst being physically demanding due to a lot of CPR practice, we were kept refreshed throughout the day with cups of tea and coffee. 

The day was a great success and a certificate was awarded to the successful candidates.  Given that most churches are busy public places, it is important to have people in the congregation who can perform First Aid when someone is taken ill and it was pleasing that the course was attended by people from across the Deanery.

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