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St Faith's Pet Service, 8th June 2008

Woof Woof at St.Faith's

The annual pet service was well attended by both furry and feathered creatures as well as their families.

It was a joyful family service where we were all able to admire each others pets and to see what pleasure owning a pet can bring.  The children read the readings and led the prayers and the theme of the service was our thanks to God for all his creation. 

The vicar asked the children and adults about the pets they own now and those in the past.  One comment was,  We always had dogs.   Children and dogs and wellingtons go together! 

I think we all knew what she meant.  One family had brought 3 dogs and a cat (they left the rest of their menagerie at home) and another child  had been given permission to bring his Class hamster, Toffee, to the service - his Mum was trying to get a picture of Toffee, with church surroundings in the background to show the class where he had been on his weekend away from school. 

The animals were brought up to the altar for a blessing and it was quite a sight to see Harry the budgie, his cage rested on the altar rail, with a cat either side of him. 

In her closing prayer the vicar said that God has provided for all of us in all of creation.  We love our pets and in turn they love us unconditionally.  As she said thank you to God  a lone woof was heard in agreement. 

The animals had been very well behaved throughout, and this lone bark was the signal for all the other dogs to join in with the final hymn Praise, my soul, the King of heaven!

Elizabeth Hill

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