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St Faith's Patronal Festival, 2009

St Faith’s Patronal Festival – Friday, 9 October 2009

‘Do you have the guts to trust God?’ – that was the challenge posed to all of us as we joined together for praise and worship at our Patronal Festival on Friday evening.

It was stunning to have such a full church – the lengthy procession itself took most of the first hymn ‘O Worship the King’ to make its way to the top of the church where everyone could be seated.

St Faiths choir sung ‘I waited for the Lord’ – Mendelssohn which, as well as enjoying the great singing, encouraged us to start thinking about our trust in God.

Purwell JMI School Choir sung with great enthusiasm and also had a soloist who sung with wonderful confidence.

Mary Exton JMI School Choir then continued our service of praise as they sung superbly.

The Hitchin Sea Cadets performed the T S Dance, which involved skilfully dancing with wooden staves in a co-ordinated routine.

We then came to the story and address of Joshua and Jericho by Katherine Harris and helped by St Faiths Sunday School.  Joshua was presented to us as a timid man who had already achieved great feats.  However his greatest challenge now presented itself – to conquer the city of Jericho; the means to his success – to trust God.  Joshua was challenged by his generals – they believed that the attack was the usual way of defeating armies.  But Joshua was determined that they would follow God’s plan.

So sure enough the procession lead by the Ark of the Covenant, followed by a priest blowing a Kudu horn, Joshua and then the army made its way around our Church.  The Kudu horn was then accompanied by all the school children blowing their party horns and then, to make sure that the walls of Jericho would finally collapse everyone in the church shouted with great gusto ‘we trust God’ several times.

Katherine continued her exploration of this very important element of our faith in trusting God.  She explained that often there might well be people around us who God has placed there to support us with tasks or events that we might find difficult to handle.  What we must try and remember most of all is that God is always with us giving us that support if we allow him to do so.

Hitchin Air Cadets Band then played some very resounding music that had us all wondering whether the church walls would actually collapse around us! 

Rev Philip Turner led our prayers and then our service ended with the very appropriate Hymn ‘For all the saints’.

It was a great service that allowed the various organisations to celebrate and worship God in very different yet glorious ways.
Hazel Beadle

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