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Music at St Faith's: The Organ
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A harmonium provided musical accompaniment until 1904 when a small pipe organ was installed in the right hand corner of the building near the altar at a cost of £130.  This was initially pumped by hand and often slowed or occasionally stopped altogether when the pumper (who was paid by the organist) had fallen asleep and could be heard snoring loudly.

After a bad flood the pipe organ could not be saved and an electronic organ was bought from Norwich Organs in 1981.  This cost £3000 and the money was raised by parishioners in many original ways.  This contributed a deeper fellowship and many happy social occasions.

The current Viscount organ was installed in 2005 and the money was provided by a combination of a generous legacy left to the church by Margaret Knight and also by church members fundraising.  A further alteration was made to the speaker system in 2008 to deal with a sound dead spot at the choir end of the church.

Tim Mitchell,
The organ at St Faith's
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